Luminous Social Evenings

Piñata FIESTA!

Friday, December 7, 2018
7-10 pm

Best Paint Night for adults in Vancouver B.C.

We're feeling a double doze of delight in our studio!  That's because our new Social is punchy and FUN!!  The level of joy has never been higher.

Come hang out in our artsy hideaway on December 7 and make your own PINATA! Smirky, quirky, paper mâché designs traditionally filled with candy and broken as part of the happiest celebrations. Create your own Pinata!  Enjoy refreshments and nibbles and kindred company  for a fabulous evening! C’mon! Let your creativity billow out of you!


 Mexican tunes will be on the playlist FOR SURE. There may also be candy involved if you care (I always care when candy is involved)


love, always