Luminous Social Evenings

Richard Stout - Gallery Show

Friday, December 07, 2018 /  7 - 10 pm

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Well, if anyone has been in our happy studio, they will already know how much we adore the brilliant Richard Stout.  This buoyant Artist is both an Architect and a painter who adores painting large, large scale works in Oils and his work has been purchased both corporately as well as by private individuals around the world.

Richard's works are spiritually arresting exploring the moods of forest/cloud and sea - with vivid orchidaceous palettes in the most splendid jewel tones.

On November 23 pop into our studio for an evening celebrating Richard's unveiling of new works.

Enjoy a glass of wine, nibbles and enjoy the company of delightful Artsy kindreds.

love, always

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Gallery Show: Richard Stout