Terms of Service

Make up Classes:  Luminous Elephant Studios Inc. is not obligated to provide make up classes for missed time, however, we do our best to ensure projects are completed.

Payment:  Please provide full payment to confirm the registration(s). The cost as outlined on the website plus tax will be charged. Only ONE registration form is required per child, but you may sign up for more than one class per child. Please only register each child once.  We will confirm via email all registrations and payments received.

Snacks:  Please note that there is no scheduled snack time for workshops, however if you do feel it necessary to bring a snack, please make sure it is nut free.

Clothing:  Students are asked to dress informally with casual, loose, and comfortable clothing. Any type of dress that will restrict the student from fully engaging in the art making process should not be worn. Art making is often a messy process, and children will get messy! YES! We love mess!!! Please make sure your child is prepared to get real messy! (No formal clothes or fancy outfits, please!)

Privacy Policy

Photographic Material:  Luminous Elephant Studios Inc. reserves the right to use photographic material for advertising and promotional purposes. If you do not want your child, yourself or a family member photographed, please let us know when you register your child or yourself for a class or workshop.