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 "It was such a pleasure to spend the weekend with you, seeing how you encouraged all those families to change their perspectives through photography. Your team is top-notch and we are so happy to have had you be part of the Vancouver Art Gallery family. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!"

—Cheyanne Turions, Former Director of Education & Public Programs, Vancouver Art Gallery

“I just loved Whitneys 'Pencils' drawing class for adults. I travel a lot for work so every chance I get I drop into her classes. Thank you for the inspiration and amazing classes!”

—Maury Smithson

Hi Maddie, I wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful event last week. As you said we adored the instructor and she really did have wonderful funky Latin music. We had a fabulous time playing with paint!

—Simone (WestCoast Smile)

"Thank you so much for putting on such a lovely event for all our kids and their families. I also wanted to say how lucky we feel to find such a devoted and inspirational teacher. You are assisting in mentoring our children to become not only creative but conscious, so thank you for your enthusiasm!"

—Corinne Isherwood

"Just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for your involvement in our family day here at Technical Safety BC last Saturday. The event was a great success and we had so much positive feedback regarding your team and their booths. We loved how interactive the booths were and how your team were with the kids, it made it so fun and educational for them. I would be delighted to recommend you guys and will keep your details on file for any other future events we may hold."

Kate Clarke, Marketing Contractor, Technical Safety BC

"My girls did both Le Petit Prince camp and Shine On with Madelyn, and they rate these programs in their top favorites ever. That is because Madelyn has a truly magical quality with children. She skips into their world and sees who they are... while also giving them the freedom to get to know and express their creative selves. Those are wonderful gifts for an educator to have."

—Danielle Kershaw

"Hi Maddie (and team) - Thanks so much for facilitating such a phenomenal birthday party yesterday for Caitlin and her friends. The girls (your girls) were so great, and my girls had so much fun. ALSO, my son has a birthday next month. We had something else tentatively planned, but after he saw the studio yesterday, he also wants his party there. Again, a wonderful set up you have. I'll definitely be recommending your parties.”   

—K. Graham

"Thank you so much for bringing Luminous Elephant to life. Not only have my children blossomed in their creativity and confidence in self-expression but; so have I. The classes that you offer and the warm studio ambience have helped me tap into the inner artist that I never knew I had. Prior to taking classes with you I always thought that an artistic mind was something one was born with. I now see that it’s a skill to develop just like any other.  Without having experienced your welcoming, supportive studio, I would not have opened the door to what has become a new area of interest of mine. I thoroughly enjoy taking classes at LE as do my children. Keep doing what you do best, cultivating and celebrating creativity. We love Luminous Elephant and you!"

—Nicole, Miranda and Huxley Collard

"Greenies is simply the BEST. AWESOME pieces came home with the girls. They were completely engaged and loved their homemade paints and the adorable Paper Mache Lulu bird sits on our kitchen windowsill. Signing them up for Beautiful Beginners in the Fall. Thank you!"

—Carla Mercer

"Thank you for the light you bring into my daughter's life! She really blossomed in your Shine On class."


"Thank you. You have no idea. I didn't even know 'this' was missing in my life."

—Ingrid. M.

"Thank you Madelyn! Thank you for this wonderful time creating my artist's journal, drinking coffee with a collective of lovely women, listen to music and most of all getting in touch with my dreams. I journal every day now and look forward to claiming this hour for myself to create my day, create my life. My family are always asking to see my journal and they are amazed at all the art and love and magic that unfold within those pages. I had no idea that  this class would turn into a practice that is beautiful  and completely life changing in the simplest of ways. I am signing up for your next session too! I love all the little gifts you gave us for the journals - the tiny canvas and poem is one of my most favourites and also the exquisite Indian mirror."

—Lauren Yu

"My grandkids go to Arts Umbrella and they come home so happy with terrific art and I thought to myself - I want this kind of painting experience for ME! And the Luminous Elephant delivered way above and beyond!"

—Marie Gillian

"I can't thank you enough for the magical Bridal shower we celebrated for Kylie. Every detail from the music to the polaroids and the fabulous instructors was fabulous and beautifully curated.  Your studio is so uplifting and we can't wait to come back for  the watercolor painting workshop!

—Julia McMillan

"Our experience was unique! The Luminous Elephant studio gave my daughter Maya, age 7, all she could dream of on her birthday: ferries, magic, love and imagination. All her little friends were thrilled. I would recommend The Luminous Elephant to any family who plans a party (young or "older"): there is no other space in Vancouver that offers such a professional planning and yet such a deep and true loving experience."

—Catherine Beeckman Delan

"I wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I am enjoying Vivienne's class at the studio. She is so lovely and the studio is a joyful place. Your biz is a terrific addition to the PG hood. I plan to take Vivienne's follow-up Photo Groove class in April - I was thrilled to see it on the schedule."

—Cindy Ball

"Maddie and her team were a great addition to our Bard Family Nights. Her craft ideas were quick and easy for the children and engaged our young patrons in the themes of the evening’s play. The Luminous Elephant area was abuzz with activity and excitement, priming the audience for a night of fun and laughter during the play."


"My 5-year old son fell in love with the place and Madelyn's style of teaching brought out the very best in him. What I like about the Luminous Elephant is the emphasis on imagination, thoughtfulness, and exploration, and following the lead of the child... my son was always happy to go to art class and reluctant to come home. The Cartoon Boom class was a particular hit!"

—Jenny M.

"The Open Studio is such a great idea!  I had a great time with my grandkids making those wonderful little Paper Mache birds.  Each Summer we will be back to make another as it  will be our new creative tradition.”

—Jillian M. 

"Four evenings of great conversations, mint tea and artistic inspirations has transformed my black and white journal into a book filled with colour, lightness and magic. Thank you Madelyn! About to sign up for more of your classes."

—Suzie Fong

"EVERY kid should take this course! I had to drag my son out of the building at the end of each class. Madelyn is a child whisperer and brings out the very happiest and the very best of every one. The energy is amazing in that studio. I think I need to sign up for something myself." 

—Lindsey Graham

"Luminous Elephant is a beautiful, supportive, and most of all happy studio with an emphasis on creativity and self-expression. My daughters have taken the Artist's Journal class and came home with a journal that they are so proud of, continue to work on and add to at home. They have been truly inspired and there is something to be said for a place that your kids never want to leave! We are now registered for Shine On and the kids can't wait!"

—Lisa M.

"The Luminous Elephant brings creativity and joy to everyone who enters the studio!!  Kids of all ages are showered in love and opportunities at this lovely art studio. The wide range of classes stimulate the photographer, the writer, the designer, the artist in your child. My 8 year old boy and 10 year old girl have loved the photography classes, the cartooning classes, the weekend drop ins, and we as parents love the Saturday nights we get for date night, knowing our kids are enjoying creative time and healthy food. Many thanks to Madelyn, keep it up!"


"I wanted to thank you for a truly great day. I don't know who had more fun - the kids or the parents! It is the first party in almost 4 years where the parents didn't run out the door after dropping off their kids! It was lovely watching them settle into the couch reading magazines and eating veggies chatting away. It was a wonderful feeling of  community. All of your personal touches and extra thoughtful surprises were such an unexpected gift to the twins. They especially loved the mixed CD's you sent home with their friends. Thank you!” 

—Sophie  Lawton


A wonderful recommendation from a school Principal - thank you!


To Whom It May Concern:

I have the honor of writing this letter of recognition for the work Madelyn Mulvaney completed with my grade 7 students. Madelyn developed a brilliant photography unit entitled Shine On! which allowed the students to explore visual literacy as a means of communication. Madelyn’s lessons were well developed and she came prepared with beautiful examples of compelling photographs and video footage, which spoke to the questions the students were exploring. Each week Madelyn also downloaded my student’s work to her computer and projected the photographs for viewing. This facilitated discussion through her guidance and observations, as well as allowing the students to comment and reflect on each others work. As their classroom teacher I was often overwhelmed with the outpouring of truth and emotional connections my students made. Asking young teens to represent beauty, love, dreams, wishes, joy and contentment and self-portraits gave them a platform to express their sense of self in a unique and highly creative manner.

Madelyn is a natural teacher who develops authentic relationships with her students. Each was given the gift of her time and positive support. Perhaps what was most important was Madelyn’s ability to reach each and every one the  students. All students were honoured for their efforts and encouraged to express their ideas freely and openly.

The Shine On! exhibit was an important event for my class. They were able display their 7 photographs in an inviting atmosphere and were given the venue to speak to their work for a large audience. Parents spoke of seeing new things in their children they had not realized before. Students discussed the pride and confidence they felt when exhibiting their work. My students are now extending their learning by continued exploration with their cameras, creating stop motion films and developing poetry to accompany their work. Madelyn continues to communicate with her students their flickr site. They want to share their work with her and seek her advice and recognition.

I highly recommend this course to students of all ages. The opportunity to both explore and express a representation of self encourages the students to reflect on who they are and who they want to become. As emerging young teens, my students were given a platform to demonstrate their learning and were respected for their willingness to share these personal thoughts with others.

If I can provide any further information about Madelyn’s course or the impact it had on both my students or my teaching practice please feel free to contact me.

Catherine Hanna

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"Thank you so much for bringing your creativity and colours to our Children’s Art Area. Our Apple Festival was a success and we are grateful for your awesome participation! Many thanks from all of us!"

— Tara, UBC Apple Festival

"Maddie and her team were a great addition to our Bard Family Nights. Her craft ideas were quick and easy for the children and engaged our young patrons in the themes of the evening’s play. The Luminous Elephant area was abuzz with activity and excitement, priming the audience for a night of fun and laughter during the play."

— Sam Snobelen, Bard on the Beach, August 2015

"Looking for a little magic or a happy place? The Luminous Elephant Arts Studio is all that and more. I met Madelyn Mulvaney, the lovely owner and creative mind behind this awesome little arts studio in a most serendipitous way. I have since visited her gorgeous space to let my own creative juices flow. She has classes for children and adults from photography to painting, and also offers birthday parties. Madelyn says it best: “Our studio is one of the happiest places around — magic happens here!”

— Vairdy Frail, VancouverMom.ca, May 2015

“We’ve discovered a place so special, we can’t stop thinking about it — and our little ones can’t stop talking about it. When in Vancouver with kids, be sure to pay a visit to The Luminous Elephant in Point Grey, where owner Madelyn has imagined a place for parents and children to connect and express themselves through art. Through workshops and classes, kids and their grownups can discover photography, painting, design, creative writing and more. At the heart of every class (among our fave offerings: How to Paint Your Dragon and Shine On Photography) is a focus on self-expression, thoughtfulness and pure joy. Call us smitten!"

— Elizabeth Hewitt, VitaminDaily.com, March 2015