Giving Back


We can be the sunshine for another person!


The Luminous Elephant is thrilled to contribute to several big spirited projects that make a loving difference in our world - ‘The Shit Starts Here' (the Guardian Project) and The Residences for Independent Living Society. 

We also love to work with several outreach organizations in the city to gather everyone into our studio to enjoy our classes regardless of financial backgrounds. 

Love it Forward

As well, we share free-of-charge outreach classes every year to the elderly as well as Convenant House, Directions Youth, East Vancouver Youth Limited.

By sharing our gifts we want to change lives for the better in whatever small positive way we can. And we are so happy you get to partner in the experience of love, too, when you support The Luminous Elephant. 




Hi Maddy, hope all is perfect in your world. Once again, thanks so much to you and the Shine On kids for both your generosity and keeping us in your thoughts with regards to ‘The Shit Starts Here Guardian project.’ Our work here in Rwanda ( and Uganda and eastern Congo) continues to grow,and the results and impact are beyond anything we could have hoped for. We are working as farmers and emissaries of possibilities! It truly is beyond anything we could have dreamed of. A few days ago Rita and I were helping hoeing fields, making compost piles and planting beans, go figure. It’s awesome.
— Rita & Jeff