Creative, quirky and fun!

We are a largehearted studio that specializes in lively classes for adults, youth and kids in painting, photography and film. We also host the loveliest parties and team building events in our radiant studio. Such lovely people turn out right here to 'make' things - a hopeful  entrance, a new friend, something beautiful. There is a wonderful energy of fun here - and a certain sweetness too, (and this will be important later because for sure you will experience increased levels of joy as a result.)


What's that, our studio is one of the happiest places around? Yes, yes it is :)

Madelyn Mulvaney


💛 Pst! Already we are thrilled about our very special, sparkling Holiday Camp.

Our next Luminous Social Paint evening is Friday November 9th from 7 - 10:00 pm. Refreshments included! The level of joy has never been higher! And no, that is not all! We are also hosting a fabulous Social making quirky Pinatas!

💛 Madelyn teaches creative classes for Kate McCabe at the Self Design Centre and our studio also hosts field trips and workshops for several schools for the Vancouver School Board.

💛 Team love is  sprouting everywhere - we are taking bookings for corporate team building and private events! As well, Bridal Shower parties and Bachelorettes are humming happily along as always in our beautiful space.

💛 Hiya! Get all lovey-dovey with the gift of creativity in our happy studio. Here we made you these. Our gift cards are so brilliant we won’t even bother with the rock puns (“these gift cards are rock stars,” “they’ll rock your world,” etc.).

💛 Our adult painting Watercolor class is the Winter favorite - have a peek at this new offering!

💛 The Luminous Elephant was supremely thrilled to  collaborate with the Vancouver Art Gallery to bring lively workshops in Conceptual Photography to Family Fuse weekend. The result was truly something special. Let's create together if you are an organization that would love to feature our wonderful workshops:)

💛 We are booking birthday parties and looking forward to beautiful celebrations. Our STEM curriculum Science Wizards party is quite the popular one lately!


hey, we’re excited!